How To Get Kids Into Golf

Over the last decade there has been an increase in popularity and growth within the junior golf industry. There is now ample opportunity in Australia for junior golfers to develop their game recreationally and competitively, with plenty of parents wanting to know how to get kids into golf. If you’re a parent that is also an avid golfer, we are sure you’re counting down until the moment where you can spend a day on the golf course with your young one. Well, you’re in luck, because the best age to teach kids how to play golf is as soon as they have developed basic hand-eye coordination. Playing golf is a fantastic opportunity for you to spend some quality family bonding time together, as well as getting your child outdoors enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. We’ve listed some tips that will help you unlock your child’s potential and have them graduating from carrying your clubs to playing alongside you in no time. How To Get Kids Into Golf Intro


Fun Is First Priority!

No matter your child’s age, the most crucial part to getting kids into golf is that they are enjoying their lesson. Regardless of your aspirations for your child, remind them they are there to have fun whilst they learn the game. Keep the lesson at a slow pace to begin with until they master the basics, and most importantly keep it engaging and FUN! Remember that even if you think that golf is the greatest game in the world, your child might not feel the same, and that’s okay.

Etiquette and Rules of the Game

Before your child picks up a club or ball, it’s a good idea to teach them the rules and proper etiquette of the game. The beauty of golf is it is based on principles of integrity, discipline, honour and respect. Not only does golf teach your young golfer to manage emotions, maintain a positive outlook and practice patience, these skills can have a ripple effect into their daily life. You’ll be building the foundations of a well-rounded adult.

The Right Equipment

You will find most major golf equipment manufacturers design junior golf sets. If your young golfer develops their swing using incorrectly proportioned equipment, it could potentially lead to a lifelong flaw with their swing. Do your research on what junior equipment is recommended by the major golf retailers in Australia. You will find the majority of suppliers have affordable yet high quality ranges to choose from. Involve your child from the start, by getting their input in the club selection process and you’ll have them keen to tee-off immediately. How To Get Kids Into Golf Right Equipment

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Appropriate Attire

After you’ve selected junior equipment, it’s time to shop for appropriate golfing attire. If your junior is going to be joining you at the golf course soon enough, it’s a good idea that they learn to dress the part of a golfer. This will not only teach your child from a young age the proper course etiquette and attire, but have them looking forward to donning their golf gear and heading to the turf for the day. As with major golf suppliers, most golf clothing manufacturers have a selection of junior golf apparel gear tailored specifically for children of all ages. If you think you’ll be spending the majority of the morning or day on the course, make sure they are covered up with a good hat and outerwear.

Where to Play

You will find a lot of golf courses across the nation are accommodating to junior golfers and set aside times for junior or family tee-off. Enquire at one of the golf courses in your area to see what club packages they have to sign your young golfer up to!

An Instructor or Program

To ensure your child is getting taught the best techniques and foundations for their golfing life, we recommend you find an experienced instructor or program that is PGA qualified (Professional Golf Association of Australia). You’ll find they’ll be linked in with your local golf course. Australian Sports Camps (ASC) offer a school holiday golf program where your child can learn the foundations of golfing etiquette, rules and techniques. The program is delivered by an experienced panel of coaches and teaches the kids the fundamentals of driving and putting, whilst having a whole lot of fun and meeting friends in the process.

Check out the program that is commencing soon at the Albert Park Golf Club, South Melbourne.

Australian Sports Camps Golf Program Get Kids Into Golf


  1. It is one of the safest sports to play being minimal contact, so chances of injury are pretty much non-existent. A golf course is also located away from roads, where your child is supervised by experienced instructors and volunteers.
  2. Golf gets the kids off the couch and away from the screens into fresh air and nature. From a young age your child will develop healthy physical exercise habits.
  3. Friendships for life are made on the golf course! The interaction with fellow junior golfers will give your child well developed social skills.
  4. In a golf game, players can experience many highs and lows, ranging from birdies to triple bogeys. Your young one will learn to: keep focused on the shot at hand, practice personal responsibility when they tee-off, maintain a positive outlook and have a good laugh in the process. Now aren’t they fantastic foundations for life!

Remember to keep it fun, educational and engaging and before you know it you’ll have a Jason Day in the making. Hopefully we’ve helped you on how you can get your kids into golf and we can see you on the green!