How Kids Can Learn Horse Riding in Adelaide

So, would your child would like to try a sport that is completely unique?  One that allows them to get in touch with nature?  If so, why not introduce them to the exciting activity of horse riding in Adelaide?  Plus, horse riding is a great way to get the kids off the sofa and into the saddle over the school holidays! Moreover, most of us would agree that at one stage or another throughout childhood, we’ve all had fantasies of riding ponies.  Or, being a cowboy exploring the Wild West on horseback. Unfortunately, many of these hopes of actually owning our own pony were promptly dashed.  For example, due to the high cost involved.  Plus, the large space required for caring for a horse.  Accordingly, horse riding was categorised into one of those “too costly” hobbies to take up.  Thankfully, these days, there are many programs offered at various equestrian schools around Adelaide.  Plus, they’re tons of fun and very affordable. How Kids Can Learn Horse Riding in Adelaide Intro

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Moreover, there are a number of positive benefits for children partaking in horse riding activities.  Firstly, horse riding great for building their physical, social and mental skills.  Also, here are a few other important reasons why it’s a great idea to get your kid’s feet into the stirrups:

Fitness & Health

Horse riding is a fun way to get your child outdoors.  Away from the screens and getting them physically active in the fresh air.

Making New Friends

Being in the equestrian environment is a wonderful opportunity for your child to develop their social skills.  They’ll meet different friends than those in their everyday peer group.  Also, people within the equestrian industry often talk about friends being made for life in the stables.  So, if your jockey in-the-making loves the program, it’s more than likely they will meet up with the same friends the next time!

Confidence Boost

There’s nothing more empowering for a child than having to ride and take care of an animal twice their size!  Whether riding, grooming or assisting in cleaning out the muck, with firm positive encouragement and patience, they’ll grow confidence for life.  Plus, under supervision, riding is suitable for all ages.  Also, for children with special needs, horse interaction is a fun, engaging activity.  And can greatly assist in building confidence.

Teaching Personal Responsibility

Learning to look after and ride a pony will teach your child responsibility and accountability.  Being around horses requires a level of respect (to the instructor, the horse and to other riders) and discipline.  Moreover, through the whole riding process, children learn to be patient, respectful.  Also, after completing tasks, they have the fun reward of riding.  Plus, instilling these traits and skills in your child from a young age, will help set them up for the challenges of adult life!  So, what better environment to develop these lifelong qualities, than learning how to ride! How Kids Can Learn Horse Riding In Adelaide Positive Benefits

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We’ve listed some options below of how your kids can learn horse riding in Adelaide.


Four Oaks Farm, Little Hampton, SA.

The first place for horse riding in Adelaide is in Little Hampton.  Four Oaks is located in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.  And being only 30 minutes from the CBD, it’s a great farm outing for the day.  Plus, if you’re child’s birthday falls within the holidays, Four Oaks Farm offers a fun party with a difference!   They hold kids parties in the farm’s barn.  Moreover, they include activities such as pony rides, pony carriage rides and animal feeding.  Also, for those children that have a sparked interest in horse riding after the day’s end, Four Oaks offers lessons for new riders of all ages. Four Oaks Farms is the first accredited member of the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA).  EAGALA is a non-profit association for equine therapy.  It aims to address mental health and human development needs.  Being such gentle giants, it’s no surprise that horses can be utilised for animal therapy. How Kids Can Learn Horse Riding in Adelaide Four Oaks Farm

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Private Lessons, surrounding Adelaide Hills, SA.

The second place for horse riding in Adelaide is in Adelaide Hills.  There you’ll find a number of private equestrian schools and properties within the surrounding area.  Offering one-on-one riding lessons, customised to your child’s needs and level of experience.  An instructional horse riding lesson will include a saddled horse, helmet and other equipment.  Also, they design lessons for teaching.  Normally running them within a fenced area. Moreover, do your research on the private centre to ensure the experience and qualifications of the coach.  As well as, safety in the instructions, equipment and horses used.  Plus, take some time to visit the property first.  This will provide a feel for any restrictions related to age, weight, experience level and their operating hours.

Australian Sports Camps in Partnership with Kirby Park Equestrian School, SA.

In partnership with Kirby Park Equestrian School, the Australian Sports Camps (ASC) Horse Riding Program will have your child learning all the basics of horse riding.  They offer a relaxed setting with experienced and talented trainers.  This structured, skill-developing process covers all the fundamentals of horse riding and safety.  Also, kids of all abilities aged between six and sixteen can access the program. Australian Sports Camps Horse Riding Program Adelaide Children will enjoy themselves learning to ride in a fun, educational and engaging setting. Kirby Park has top class equestrian facilities, purpose built to the highest standard.  Plus, they offer friendly, well-trained horses.  Also, kids will get to learn stable maintenance, floating and horsemanship activities, including grooming and tacking a pony.  Also, there’s a beautiful trail ride for the groups to explore.  So, when school returns, your child will be galloping into the classroom with exciting news about the riding skills they’ve learnt.  Plus, tales of adventuring in nature with their newfound human and animal friends!