Best AFL Footy Clubs For Kids In Melbourne

Australian Rules Football has the highest spectator attendance and television viewership of all sports in Australia. Moreover, its origin can be traced to football matches played in Melbourne.  As far back as 1858.  So, it’s no wonder that “Aussie Rules” is a way of life for most Melbournians. Also, it’s almost a rite of passage for kids in Melbourne to play junior AFL at some point.  So, good news  if you live in Melbourne and your child is ready and willing to join an AFL team.  As below, we’ve provided a list of some of the best AFL footy clubs in Melbourne for kids.


Hampton Rovers Football Club

The first of our top kids footy clubs in Melbourne are the Hampton Rovers.  The Hampton Rovers first started as an organised activity for the 1st Hampton Scout group in 1918.  The club, establishing in 1929.  Plus, it competes in the South Metro Junior Football League. In 1979, the club started its youth policy by introducing Junior Grades.  In addition, their aim was to provide an extensive link with the local community.  Plus, act as a development scheme and feeder base for the senior sides.  As proof of concept, this philosophy, has resulted in 35 Junior premierships.  As well as, thirteen Lightning premierships. Moreover, Hampton Rovers Football Club endeavours to provide all players with a safe and caring environment.  In addition, their primary aims are to ensure each child: (a) achieves their maximum skill level.  And, (b) experiences enjoyment at both training and on match day. They have teams for both boys and girls from Under 8 through to Under 18.  As well, the club grades their teams graded from Under 11 through to Under 18. Best AFL Footy Clubs In Melbourne For Kids Hampton Rovers Football Club 01

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Ivanhoe Junior Football Club

The Ivanhoe Junior Football Club formed on 5th October 1971.  Firstly, as an affiliate of The Ivanhoe Amateur Football Club.  Moreover, they have two grounds.  Firstly, one at Ivanhoe Park in Ivanhoe East.  The other, at Ford Park in Bellfield.  Also, as one of the best kids footy clubs in Melbournethe, the club competes in the Yarra Junior Football League. Next, the core goal at Ivanhoe JFC is to provide an environment for competitive and fun footy.  Plus, they want as many junior players as possible to enjoy footy.  IJFC provides opportunities for both boys and girls to play in teams.  Teams range from, Under 8 through to Under 18. In addition, the club places significant emphasis during the Under 8’s, 9’s & 10’s on skill development.  So, they reduce contact between players, and emphasise keeping position and participation.  Also, they start grading teams from Under 11.  Which, allows players to participate at the appropriately assessed level.  Moreover, this enables children to enjoy their football.  Plus, gain greater confidence for years to come. Best AFL Footy Clubs In Melbourne For Kids Ivanhoe Junior Football Club 02

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Richmond Junior Football Club

In terms of kids AFL football clubs, the Richmond Junior Football Club begun in 1973.  Also, it’s located at Citizens Park on the corner of Highett Street and Gleadell Street in Richmond.  In 1996 they joined the newly formed Yarra Junior Football League.  Moreover, during that period of time they’ve won twelve premierships. In addition, the Richmond Junior Football Club (RJFC) seeks to encourage the right learning environment.  As one of the best kids footy clubs in Melbourne, they wish to balance participation, talent development and enjoyment.  Also, they offer teams for both boys and girls.  With boys-only teams from Under 8 through to Under 18.  Plus, girls-only teams, from Under 10 through to Under 18. Lastly, team grading starts from Under 13.  With the RJFC aspiring to provide football players the opportunity to play at the highest level possible within the Yarra Junior Football League. Best AFL Footy Clubs In Melbourne For Kids Richmond Junior Football Club

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West Coburg Football Club

The West Coburg Football Club was founded in 1927.  And one of the best kids footy clubs in Melbourne.  It’s located at Shore Reserve in Pascoe Vale South.  Moreover, they play in the Essendon District Football League (EDFL). Their junior teams play home games at either Shore Reserve or Brearley Reserve.  Which, depends on age group and availability. In addition, the clubs AFL Junior Football Program embodies the principles  of the West Coburg Football Club.  Making it a family-friendly club, built on strong values.  Namely, gender and cultural diversity, good play, fairness, teamwork, responsibility and respect for all. Moreover, West Coburg offers the chance for girls and boys to play football within multiple age groups in the EDFL.  So, they have kids AFL football teams ranging from Under 9’s for their youngest players to Under 17’s for the older juniors. Lastly, West Coburg AFL Football Club places Junior players into teams according to set criteria.  For example, their attitude, skills, ability, leadership, confidence, fitness and interaction with potential teammates and coaching staff. Best AFL Footy Clubs In Melbourne For Kids West Coburg Football Club

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Waverley Park Hawks

The fifth of our top footy clubs in Melbourne for kids, is the Waverley Park Hawks.  The Waverley Park Hawks are one of the largest clubs in the Monash municipality.  Moreover, they’ve a long history in the community.  A history that spans over 40 years.  The club is based at Columbia Reserve in Wheelers Hill.  Plus, they compete in the South Metro Junior Football League. Their purpose is to provide an enjoyable junior AFL football experience for local children.  Also, wanting to improve their physical and social well-being, through skill development in a team environment.  In addition, they foster player participation, new friendships, enjoyment and the playing of football in the true spirit of sportsmanship. As one of the best kids footy clubs in Melbourne, it’s their aim to develop players to achieve their full potential.  So, the club does this by providing good coaching and playing facilities.  Also, at the same time, creating an environment where players enjoy themselves both on and off the field. The Waverley Park Hawks are an inclusive club.  Welcoming boys and girls of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds.  Lastly, they have junior teams from Under 8 through to Under 18. Best AFL Footy Clubs In Melbourne For Kids Waverley Park Hawks

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