Design for Play: A Guide to Creating Backyard Playing Field for Kids

No matter how big your apartment is and no matter how much manoeuvring space your kids have, the chances are it’s not going to be enough. Kids of all ages love spending time in the open and that’s why lots of young parents consider moving into a proper house. Unlike apartments, houses usually come with some space in the front or the back, and this is where your kids can spend their free time. However, if you want to make that happen, you need to spice up your backyard and make sure it’s ready for your children. Turning it into an area where they can enjoy various sports might take a while, but it’s not impossible.  So, if you’re trying to do that as well, here are a few ideas you might want to take into consideration.

Define the space

Not all children need the same amount of space for playing sports, and not all sports require the same amount of space. This is why you have to think about the space you have and the space you need.  As well as defining the amount of space you’ll be able to dedicate to your kids and their sports activities. Think about the size of different sports courts and pitches, and think how big you can go.

In most cases, this is the entire backyard, especially with tiny backyard spaces that don’t have enough room for anything else. In other cases, though, you’ll be able to have some room for some outdoor furniture and hang out with your loved ones while they’re enjoying playing soccer, basketball, football, or other sports.

Backyard football

Define the sports

Most children love simple sports we’ve just mentioned.  And, if that’s the case with your kids as well – great! This means you won’t have to invest too much time, money, and energy into designing a space for them in the backyard, no matter how old your kids are and how many kids you have. However, some children are fans of other sports – from volleyball and handball to lacrosse and squash.  So, that means you’ll have to think outside the box before you’re able to create a perfect playing area for them.

But, regardless of the sports your kids prefer, there’s one issue you have to consider – will they be able to use their new backyard space for several different sports? For instance, they can use the grass space for soccer, and football, and if you opt for an improvised basketball court, they’ll also be able to play handball and squash there. This makes everything easier and more practical, and your kids will be free to explore different sports without feeling confined.

Define the boundaries

Speaking of feeling confined, this is one of the most important features of your kids’ new outdoor space. They should feel free and encouraged to explore different sports and activities.  But, also they should also be safe and protected. This means you should make sure nothing bad happens to them while they’re playing and having a great time, but that’s not easy to do.

One of the things you have to do is talk to your kids about boundaries and teach them not to leave their backyard no matter what happens. Most kids will try to run after a ball and catch it before it ends up on the street, but this is far from safe. You need to tell them how dangerous that behaviour can be, but you should also think about using  protective fencing products that will help you do that. Installing fences is now easier than ever, and if you pick the right fence, you’ll take the visual appeal of your backyard to a new level, which makes this a win-win scenario for you and your kids.

Define the refreshments

After enjoying their favourite sports, your kids are going to feel hungry and thirsty, and that means they’ll rush into the kitchen and demand some refreshments. Most parents aren’t fans of this behaviour, especially if the kids are dirty, muddy, and sweaty.  Which, is why they prefer having them eat and drink in the open.


Installing a small outdoor kitchen shouldn’t be too hard, no matter how much free space you have in the backyard. All you’ll need is a fridge, a few chairs, and an BBQ oven – and you’ll be able to prepare your children all the food and drinks they need!

Turning your backyard into a space where your children can play all day long isn’t too hard.  So, start turning these ideas into reality today!  But, if that’s still all too difficult,  you can consider alternate options, such as sending your children to an indoor or outdoor sports camp:  Australian Sports Camps.

Author Name: Emma Joyce Emma Joyce is a mom who likes to write about her life as a parent. Since exploring the difficulties of balancing two active boys and her job, she learned how to multitask.  As well as sharing that experience with other busy mums. Emma also writes about and her interest in sport, children’s sport and sport related activities. Author’s Website URL –

The world of sport is continually evolving.  And, the use of technology is just one aspect that’s had an enormous impact on the way we spectate, play and experience the modern sport. The advancements of technology use in the sport over the last 200 years have not only changed professional sport dramatically, but it has also impacted sports at the grassroots level. Junior netball might not have the action replays and GPS tracking technology that is used by the pros. However, the improvements made in electronic apps, clothing apparel and online information sources, are all examples of how technology is helping junior players in becoming the next generation of Australian Netballer’s!

Let’s discuss some examples of technology use in netball, and how it impacts the sport!

Technology Use In Netball

Netball Shoes

When we think of the word ‘technology’, our brains will usually imagine electronic advancements and its applications. However, the improvements made to clothing apparel in netball over the last century has been1900s netball uniform revolutionary from an invention standpoint! Did you know that in the early 1900’s netball players would wear everyday sand-shoes (flat-shoes) to play the game?! Just think of the impact that would have had on the players’ feet! The first ‘netball shoes’ were introduced during the 1960’s when the game of netball was moved to be played indoors. These shoes added an upper and white sole, like the picture shown. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the design of netball shoes began to focus on injury prevention. The increasing popularity of the game of netball and shoe companies influenced the evolution of netball shoes. The intention was to better protect the players and increase their on-court playing performance.Netball 1960 shoes Netball is a high-impact sport that requires rapid acceleration and deceleration, sudden and sharp changes in direction, immediate stops, high-impact jumps and ongoing balance and stability. Because of this, netballer’s are at a high risk of injury.  Particularly to the knees, ankles and lower bodies. Today’s netball shoes are engineered with heel counters, gel layers and stability straps to help prevent these injuries to modern players.

So…How Does This Affect Junior Netball?

Although injuries are generally unavoidable in sport, younger players today have the freedom to play netball with the most advanced netball shoes in the history of the game. As mentioned above, the shoes are specifically designed to minimize the impact of stress upon the feet, knees and joints. This will ultimately help keep players safe and injury-free for longer in their playing careers.Netball shoes design Fewer injuries obviously offer many benefits. For example, the skill development of junior players is less interrupted. Instead of sitting out on the sidelines with an injury, players are now active for longer! Additionally, this will enhance the enjoyment for juniors of playing netball itself! Which all leads to more opportunity to develop into the next generation of professional netballer’s! Watch the video to learn about the scientific innovations that are designed within modern-day Netball Shoes Technology!

YouTube, Facebook & Google

The number of internet users worldwide in 2019 is 4.388 billion, up 9.1% year-on-year! (Smart Insights 2019, para 4). The takeover of social media use and the reliability on search engines, like Google, have made information-sourcing the easiest and most diverse it has ever been in the worlds’ history! Think of the number of times you have searched things on google today. How often did you find exactly what you were looking for? Were you able to use the knowledge to better yourself? Perhaps it was a new recipe you’ve been wanting to try, or learn that the Sun is 149.6 million km from the Earth! (it is by the way!)YouTube, Facebook & Google New ideas and new information have never been easier to attain within the modern world! So, how could this technology affect junior netball? One prime example is the way we use sites such as YouTube, Google and Facebook when training or coaching, to find new ways to support our skills development. For example, when we want to practice shooting form, Google and YouTube provide not only visual aids on the topic but also offers a step-by-step tutorial on proper technique. Today’s Netball junior players have exclusive historical access to professional-level coaching and guidance, even when they are not practising with teammates or within a team environment! Players’ in the 1990’s didn’t even have anywhere near the same level of technological access to information at their disposal! And that is less than 30 years ago! This technological advancement assists modern junior players in not-only correcting weaker aspects of their skills, but further developing their strengths and providing direction for how they can reach their full potential!

Mobile Apps

In parallel with the advancements of the internet, are the technological improvements made to mobile apps. By logging in to your app store on your phone, you have access to numerous health and fitness apps! All to better your sporting development! Apps such as “NETFIT Netball”, “Sportplan”, and “MyNetball” are all examples of current popular apps that are available for free! These apps provide coaching videos, video library’s for technique improvement, and even nutrition plans!popular netball mobile apps For junior netballer’s, apps such as these can be very beneficial for skill development! These apps mirror the benefits of search engines, allowing you to have ready access to new information at your fingertips! However, mobile apps have the added benefit of being more personalised & readily available for use. “NETFIT Netball” for example, allows the user to create a user profile. This profile lets you store drills, videos and reading the material, to cater  specifically to you! This offers many benefits for junior players as they have instant access to a cost-effective, convenient and personalised information source! Not only do junior players have access to this information, but the coaches of junior netball teams do as well! The development of professional coaching plans can assist coaches in their delivery of structured and fun coaching programs! Which will hopefully provide junior players with positive playing experience, enhancing their enjoyment of the game, and enjoyment is always the main purpose of sport, win, lose or draw.

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